Transform YOUR Lavender

Turn your lavender crop into unique, fragrant products

trasforma la tua lavanda

Is your lavender in bloom?

Let our cosmetic lab turn your passion into a line of fine, personalized products.

From lavender to the finished product:

Extraction of essential oil: By a steam distillation process, pure essential oil is extracted from lavender.

Formulation and Manufacturing: Lavender essential oil is used as a key ingredient to create a variety of natural cosmetic products and perfumers.

Packaging and Customization: Finished products are carefully packaged and can be customized with your logo or label.

What we can accomplish for you:

Lavender essential oil:

Pure and natural, perfect for aromatherapy, DIY cosmetics or as a special gift.

Lavender cosmetic products:

Soaps, creams, ointments, body oil and much more, all formulated with your lavender essential oil.

Air Fragrances:

Scented bags, lavender pillows and pendants to give a touch of freshness and relaxation to your environments.

Example of transformation:

Raw material Finished product Quantity
30 kg of lavender Lavender essential oil 400-500 ml
80 ml of essential oil Lavender soaps (75 g each) 140 pz

Why choose us:

Experience and competence:

We have a proven track record in processing lavender and creating natural cosmetics.

Quality and safety:

We only use high quality ingredients and guarantee the safety and traceability of all our products.


We offer a comprehensive customization service to create unique products that reflect your style and identity.

We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and help you turn your lavender crop into a line of exclusive and fragrant products.

Together, we will give life to the beauty and essence of your lavender.

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