Lavender Cultivation Course

Grow lavender and breathe new life into your farm!

coltiva la lavanda!

Have you ever thought about growing lavender? Not only is it a gorgeous and fragrant plant, but it can also become a source of income for your small farm.

Why choose lavender?

Easy to grow: Lavender is a durable plant that requires little maintenance. It grows well in poor soils and withstands drought well.

Demand on the rise: The lavender market is growing strongly, due to its popularity in aromatherapy, cosmetics and decoration.

Versatile product: Different products can be obtained from lavender flowers: essential oil, distilled water, soaps, candles, herbal teas and much more.

Attractive income: Lavender can be sold fresh, dried or made into handicrafts. The selling price varies depending on the product and the market, but it can be very profitable.

My course on growing lavender:

In this course you will learn everything there is to know to successfully grow lavender:

Choosing the right variety: There are different varieties of lavender, each with its own characteristics. I will help you choose the one that best suits your climate and terrain.

Preparing the soil: Lavender prefers well-drained, calcareous soils. I will explain to you how to prepare the ground optimally.

Planting lavender: I'll explain the pros and cons of planting it in spring or autumn

Growing Lavender: I'll give you advice on how to water, fertilize, and care for lavender to achieve lush growth.

Harvesting and Distilling: You will learn what are the different moments of collecting flowers and how to distill them to get the essential oil.

Why attend my course?

You will learn from an expert: I have extensive experience in the cultivation and processing of lavender.

You will receive practical and concrete advice: The course is based on my personal experience and will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully grow lavender.

You will be able to ask questions and receive feedback: You will have the opportunity to interact with me and the other course participants.

You will be able to become part of a community of enthusiasts: You will meet people who share your passion for lavender.

If you are ready to give new life to your farm, sign up for my course on growing lavender!

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